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welcome to "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. algerian soldiers are fighting to bring an end to a hostage crisis regarding a gas plant in the desert. they are reporting islamic militants have freed hundreds of algerians and nearly 100 foreigners they kidnapped, but not everyone has been released. the militants attacked the plant on wednesday. it's in the eastern town of in amenas. they took 140 employees hostages, including members of the japanese engineering firm.
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algerians started rescue operations a day later. they quoted military officials on friday as saying, the military has released 573 algerians and nearly 100 foreigners. officials said at one point they were keeping the freed foreigners in a safe place inside the plant, and they say they've taken measures to keep gas facilities from exploding. the news agency reports that they are in a controlled part of the plant and may be holding more than 40 foreigners. nhk spoke to an algerian man who worked as a guard for jtc corporation. he gave an inside account of the hostage crisis.
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>> the algerian guard said these islamic militants gathered foreign and military staff in one place. more than ten of them were japanese. the guard said they then separated the foreign hostages from the algerian captives. he said he doesn't know what happened to the foreign hostages. prime minister shinzo abe has told his staff to accelerate the work to determine the status of the japanese hostages. he wants to do whatever is
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possible to get them out of harm's way. abe cut short his trip to southeast asia so he could return home to deal with the crisis. he landed at tokyo's airport on saturday a couple hours before dawn. then he convened a meeting of the government's hostage standoff task force. abe says the situation in algeria is gradually becoming clearer, but he asked for conflicting reports. >> translator: i instructed task force members to find out about the status of japanese workers and rescue them. while cooperating with relevant countries. >> members of abe's administration have been working closely with their counterparts in the united states to resolve the hostage crisis. foreign minister kishida met in washington with u.s. secretary of state, hillary
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clinton. >> translator: japan and the u.s. have agreed to continue our close cooperation in gathering information and working on other aspects of the crisis. japan will ask for continued u.s. cooperation. >> clinton says she spoke on the phone with algerian prime minister abdullah before her meeting with kishida. >> he said the situation remained fluid, that the hostages remain in danger in a number of instances. we are staying in close touch with our algerian partners and working with affected nations like our japanese friends around the world to help end this crisis.
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traders on the new york stock exchange are savoring a closing they haven't seen since late 2007. prices ended friday at a five year and one month high. positive corporate earnings reports the major companies in the financial and manufacturing sectors led the rally. the dow jones industrial average ended the day at 13,649, up 53 points. they also gave positive momentum. members of the house of representatives are considering raising the u.s. government's borrowing limits. china's economy is growing at a rate people in other countries can only envy. government leaders want to keep the growth going. but they may face a new obstacle, a shrinking work force.
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bone jentun heads the national bureau of statistics. he said ages 50 through 59 has shrunk for the first time. he said the aging population was at 3.45 million last year. that's a decrease of nearly 3.5 million from the end of 2011. he said one reason is the government's policy for only allowing one child per family. he said officials can't deny their concern. he said they need scientific ways of dealing with the population without dropping the one child policy. safety investigators in japan are trying to get to the bottom of a fault that caused a boeing 787 to make an emergency landing. they are studying a flight recorder to figure out why a battery produced smoke. officials for the japan transport safety board are working with experts from the u.s. national transportation safety board and the federal aviation administration.
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they're studying the flight recorder to find out how the plane was behaving and what went wrong with its main battery. the battery consists of eight lithium ion cells in a case under the cockpit. they found the case charred and deformed. he suspected too high a current flowed into the battery and made it overheat. japanese government officials say some workers involved in the nuclear cleanup in fukushima dropped radioactive material. they said they will monitor the workers more close toll try to stop them cutting corners. the contractors have to collect and store the water they use. government officials looked into reports that some dumped the water in ditches. they questioned workers and discovered five cases of dumping. the officials are looking into 14 other reports of shoddy work but can't identify the locations or the workers. the officials say they'll try to
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pull t pull the number of inspectors on the ground to 200. they'll let othe officials know to let them know to cut corners. here is your weather forecast.
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that concludes this edition of "newsline." i'm keiko kitigawa in tokyo. thank you for joining us.
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